Internet Marketing and SEO

Whenever organizations employ an SEO service, here's what they get: a bulk of illicit web links to the pages which have nothing to do with the organization’s business or service-Scores of 'blog entries' that encompass any amount of apparent keywords (and awkward terminology with misspellings), and keyword-filled website write-ups that grabs no one’s attention. Google is efficient enough to figure out tactics that are used by many so called SEO experts who believe in using quantity focused solutions instead of quality focused ones, and your website is instantly hit with ample penalties to destroy your Google ranking.

The Logekal SEO lab screens various factors on which search engines base their results in order to provide cost effective SEO services. Factors are ranked based on the degree of influence, time to impact, controllability, and cost to implement. Our team of experts knows the precise use of online tools that will give your website high standing and puts the spotlight on the things that is the client wants to highlight, which is what people want to click on and read without becoming annoyed at being led by an irrelevant link. Our SEO experts follow the latest trends and techniques in order to establish a great SEO ranking.

The Benefits of Our Long-Term Marketing and SEO Services

SEO practices that use your website code and not just keywords
A plan that is reasonably priced
A substantial boost in your website traffic with viewers that stay and read
Reports that show the improvement in your ranking
Reports demonstrate how your SEO is benefitting your ROI
Conversion rate advancement from website visitors
Set the foundation for satisfied visitors that endorse your site