Cloud Hosting

Centered on innovative technology, our cloud-hosting platform is ultra-fast, which comes with 24/7 support. We provide you with the best managed cloud hosting services with various options.Logekal’s cloud services are irrefutably reliable therefore it eradicates all the uncertainties which put quality of service, proficiency and value on top priority.

Regardless of whichever hosting plan you select, your site receives round the clock maintenance and security in our world-class data center. And you get the customer friendly service you wish for.

We have always maintained high standards in providing the cloud hosting support that has enabled our customers to build a strong trust in us and that is why they are confident in our abilities. Our foremost competitive advantage is that we always take pride in putting our clients first, in every facet of our business, varying from our networking support to our diverse range of shared and dedicated hosting solutions. Keeping in view our customer-base, we have allied with the finest cloud hosting solution providers. Combined with our full-featured hosting plans, we offer a variety of software support and other tools that facilitate us to create full-service solutions designed to help businesses run proficiently.